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According to the different structure form, the crane is divided into the single beam and double beam overhead crane. According to the different function standard, the crane is divided into electric bridge crane, European overhead crane with hook, high quality explosion proof overhead crane and other lifting equipment of type. They can fully make the best of their own advantages and functions to operate the equipment. When the customers choose crane’s size, they can depend on the working environment and space. For example, the electric single girder and double girder should match to work with the AQ-CD1, AQ-MD1 electric hoists together. Or, if customer needs the objects of lifting heavier cargo, our factory can manufacturer the HC16t, SHC40t, SHC63t electric hoist to meet the requirements.

Our electric hoist has different lifting speeds to coordinate the product’ working process. Our company’s bridge crane and electric hoist not only raise working efficiency, but also enhance the operation conditions. The electric single-girder crane has only one beam, and the electric hoist directly hangs upside down on the track directly under the beam; the electric double-girder crane has two parallel beams, and the electric hoist is installed on the trolley. The trolley is placed on the track directly. The electric single-girder crane is composed of an electric hoist, a metal structure, a trolley travelling mechanism, and an electric device. It belongs to the light duty and small lifting equipment with electric and manual cranes. The heavy object and light materials can be hung on crane hook, and the operation is simple and the application is very wide.

Single girder Eot crane for sale

Single Girder Eot Crane

Single girder eot crane is the small-size lifting equipment which is widely used all kinds working places. The beam of the ...
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Quality overhead cranes

Magnetic Overhead Crane

As the market turns sophisticated, the magnetic overhead crane comes into being under a number of the demands, and very ...
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Weihua  electric single crane

Electric Overhead Crane

Electric overhead crane is the lifting equipment mainly used in the warehouses, factories, open stock yards, workshop and essential ports ...
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QB type double crane for sale

Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

The explosion proof overhead crane is the lifting equipment that refers to taking some explosion-proof measures, which ensures safe use of the other ...
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Quality double girder crane

Double Girder Eot Crane

The double girder eot crane can complete a variety of lifting objects. The double girder overhead crane consists of a straight rail, ...
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Overhead Pendant Crane

Overhead pendant crane is the lifting equipment which enhances working effectiveness and save time. This kind of product has many ...
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