Steel Structure Components

Steel structure components are composed of many different shape steel structures. We adopt the advanced technology to design different shapes to meet the customers’ requirements for their businesses. These parts are customized and designed in specialized manufacturing environment. Steel structure parts mean that the main load-bearing components are composed of steel, including steel columns, steel beams, steel roof trusses and steel roofs. Specifically, it can be divided into light and heavy steel structure workshops.

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Professional Steel Structure Components According To Requirements

The component can be delivered to the construction sites where framers install them along with permanent bracing to create the overall structural system. According to the business operation, we can offer the modular standard design structure. Some components can certainly be used in those particular applications. From the residential to agricultural business, we can design the a mix of components and conventional framing. These building structure can help the customers get the simple construction requirements and meet the basic needs.

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Various Classifications of Steel Structure Components

The steel structure construction operation is mainly composed of steel. It is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of steel and steel plates. The joints, bolts or rivets are usually used between the components or parts, which is the one of the main types of building structures. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large factories, bridges, stadiums, super high-rises and other fields.

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Lightweight Steel Structure Components

The light steel structure of the building refers to the color steel plate as the roof and wall surface, the thin-walled steel as the purlin and the wall beam, the welded or hot-rolled H-section as the beam and column, and the portal frame with bolts or welded joints as the main site. A structure of a building is coupled with parts, fasteners, doors and windows, which forms a relatively complete building system. This system is manufactured at the factory and assembled on site as required. It has the characteristics including the light weight structure, short construction period, strong adaptability, beautiful appearance, low cost and easy maintenance. Light steel structure is the fastest growing steel structure in China, which is mainly used in light industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition halls, supermarkets, mobile homes, etc.

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Steel Structure Frame

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Advantages of Steel Structure Components

  1. Our steel structure products are light in weight and have the high strength.
  2. If you need the large span for basic structure, you can choose our high quality steel structure.
  3. If you choose to invest our steel structure, you just need low cost and the short construction period of steel structure.
  4. Steel structure construction has high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance.
  5. We have the fast delivery time and convenient transportation way.
  6. Our steel structure products can be recycled with low or without pollution.
  7. Steel structure manufacturing is more industrialized.
  8. Steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly.
  9. It can be easy to make the a sealed structure.
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Steel Structure Installation

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Steel Structure Components for Sale In China

Steel structure has many shapes and structure design. The stability is an important consideration in design and behavior of compression members. Of course, our group need to consider the primarily loaded transverse to the longitudinal axis and resist loading by bending. In addition, we need to consider the basic operation and structure size as well as the important shape. These basic components can help the customers quickly find out the suitable products. If you need the paining color or choose to welding. We hope to be your reliable supplier to support your business. As the professional steel structure manufacturer and supplier in China, we are serious for the manufacturing steel structure.

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Steel Structure Components for Business

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