Steel Structure Shed

Steel structure shed is the easy installation building design. It can widely used as the farm shed, storage shed, industrial shed, garage shed, workshop shed, etc. The steel structure has many shapes and sizes according to customers’ requirements. It includes the steel column, steel beam, steel structure basement, bracing system and other steel structure designs.

steel structure building
High Quality Steel Shed Building

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Steel Structure Shed Design

The steel structure shed can be quickly installed and has short construction time. Other steel structure buildings may need more time to construct the normal steel structure compared to the steel shed. The type are easy to erect and very quick. All of the drilling, cutting, and welding is done in workshop. The steel structure components are sent to the construction site to be assembled.

steel structure building design
Steel Structure Design

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In steel shed building system design and installation, you can choose the different types and shapes to linked up the beam. Generally speaking, we suggest the H beam type as main girder. Of course, you can select C and Z model steel structure components. For the roof and wall, the customers can choose the other type materials or other components.

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Frame Steel Structure Building for Sale

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Advantages of Steel Structure Shed Design

  1. The structure has wide span and high strength.
  2. The steel structure design has light weight and low cost for customers’ business.
  3. For some special requirements, we can adopt the temperate protection material to design the steel structure.
  4. It not only has beautiful exterior, but also saves energy and short construction time.
  5. The product can meet the standard demands which has long service life and good seismic performance.
  6. The entire design, it has flexible layout and save space efficient performance.
  7. It has fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention.
  8. If you want to learn about the carrying capacity, you can consult our staff. In fact, it can resist the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bear heavy snow loads.
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Excellent Steel Structure For Sale

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Steel Structure Shed Design Workshop

Workshop type can choose large or small design according to the requirements. For entire design, we can give the reasonable plan. It has fast and easy installation, which greatly shortens the construction time which reduce the costs. Of course, if you want to strength the durability, all the structure is easy in maintenance,which can be used for long term time. The shed workshop has perfect design, which completely avoids leaks and water seepage.according to the regulations, it can also fit the national level prevention.

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Light Weight Steel Structure for Business

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The Key Specifications of Steel Shed Structure

The steel structure building is very popular in the recent years. It is comprised of steel column, beam, bracing and purline. All the components are prefabricated manufacture in workshop and ready for assembling, wall and roof materials can use other single colour sheet or sandwich panel. All the steel structure parts is connected by bolt, which can ensure easily installation and quickly finish the steel structure plan.

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Steel Structure Shed Manufacturer

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Steel Structure Shed for Sale

Our steel structure not only offers the shed structure design building, but also various use places such as garages, warehouse, workshops, metal shed, agricultural storage, and more. It you have other needs, we can customize the special solution depending on the application requirements.

We can provide the customers with customized designs. If you have needs, we can offer the drawings for our own customers. Of course, in order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, we need to learn about length, width, eave height, and local weather. Or, you can give the detail information about steel shed design. If you are interested in our steel structure shed, we will quote for you promptly.

steel structure shed for sale
Steel Structure Shed For Business

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Industrial Shed Steel Structure

For industrial shed steel structure building, we will provide good value for investment. In the term of cost and work efficiency, we enhance the simple structure design and flexibility of expansion. If you are looking for well designed quality steel structures with various sizes and types, our professional engineers design the most durable steel structures. Of course, it has superior strength, versatility and simple design structure features.

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Steel Structure Shed Building Factory Price

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